Mike Patton Ruttopuistossa

Ennen loistavaa Faith No Moren keikkaa kävin nauttimassa siiderin Ruttopuiston lehmusten katveessa. Hetken istuttuani huomasin tutun näköisen herran viereisellä penkillä! Muutama salaa napsaistu huono kuva herrasta:

Ruttopuiston Patton

Ruttopuiston Patton 2

Aurinkolasitkin olivat samanlaiset kuin Pattonilla keikan alussa. Herran päällä oli Italian lipulla varustettu paita, viittaisi myös Pattoniin. Mies puhui hyvää englantia naishenkilön kanssa.

Näin jälkeenpäin jäi harmittamaan kun en kehdannut mennä kysymään. Olisihan sitä voinut ainakin nimmarin ruinata…

6 thoughts on “Mike Patton Ruttopuistossa

  1. bbk

    You are so lucky!!!!
    hi before which show was that?How come he was seating there alone,How was he?please tell!
    your so lucjy thank for the photos!!

  2. Lukree Post author

    This was before the show at Helsinki at 24th June.

    I just went sitting to that park and after a while I noticed him (if it’s him! 😉 sitting there about 10m away. No one seemed to pay any attention to them even when that park was really crowded with people at the time. I suppose celebrites can hang around Finland pretty easily without being noticed or harassed! :)

    Next to the park there is one classy hotel, so it might be possible that the band was residing there.

  3. bbk

    Aww thats so cool!Its the first time i see a pic were he seems so relaxed and enjoying his evening you are so lucjy to be there talking to him!!:) I’m sure finland is very beautiful! If you want to post a little review of what he said i’d be very glad to read it!I guess he was in a very good mood i can tell from the pic!
    Thank you for the pics!they are very beautiful!

  4. JechuFuenzalida


    in Chile he would have been eaten alive,

    tell us some more! 😀

  5. Lukree Post author

    Well, actually I wasn’t talking to him at all, just staring! I was too shy to go talking to him, it’s a bit shame I must admit…

  6. bbk

    nah i totally understand what u mean,i’d do the same thing,it would be very hard to talk to him the man is a legend and so hot!:) He seems to be in a veruy good mood talking to you btw;)

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