Gear 2014


Maschine MK2 (second hand)

Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer (second hand)

Akai MPK25 Midi keyboard

Macbook Pro 2013

iPad mini


Ableton Live 9 Suite

Maschine 2

Native Instruments Komplete 9

NI Razor

Synthmaster 2.6

Spline EQ

& iPad SW

I don’t really like that Akai keyboard. Although its only 25 keys, it’s super clumsy to have around and pads are super bad. Cannot get rid of it either as otherwise I would manage with OP-1 in midi mode, but it doesn’t have velocity sensitivity or proper pitch bend…

I have clearly more money than sense! You know, I’m just learning this whole electronic music production and I wouldn’t definitely need this much shit for that. Well, at least I should go pretty far with this setup! I have now my self inflicted ban on buying more gear. Should really learn all this first. And my girlfriend would kill me too! (Ok, if we will find a nice studio space I perhaps need to buy proper mid field speakers, but that doesn’t count, right?)